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We' ve got an update for you on our cash call this morning. Cash calls from operating activities are requests to the non-operating partners of joint ventures to pay expenses before they are incurred. Latest Tweets from CashCall, Inc. When your bank balance looks like ours (on the lighter side), would you be committed to winning a lot of money? Come before Capital's Cash Call!

Tonight, the audience shows the $40,000 money call "Nightmare."

One of today's audiences spoke of their plight after claiming that technological problems led him to miss the $40,000 gift of the show. In order to participate in the Mega-Cash-a-Roo givesaway, spectators must view Nine's breakfasts when applying the day's codeword and then call or text their own particulars along with the same.

"I couldn't believe it, I sat down with my cell phone in my hands, and I (picked it up) said, "I am waking up today," and nobody replied. Panicking, and the host who is awaiting her reply on television, Mrs. Baker, 55, says that she has tried again. Others who joined in at the moment listened to death wind after picking up the wire, and then a subdued, undistinguishable sound.

Mrs. Baker confessed that she was "a mess" afterwards. The cash gift increased to $50,000 for the Friday sector after it was not given away last night. On their first two days, his successor, Deb Knight, and co-host Georgie Gardner, Tony Jones, Tom Steinfort and Brooke Boney could not cause a stir and attracted only 197,000 spectators in five metropolises (Seven's rivals) (Sunrise, attracted 266,000).

But Tuesday's show was already on the rise, as the reworked Today Show managed to thrill 200,000 spectators in the five-city metropolis and - even though it still lags behind Sunrise - even reach the top of the Sydney mart.

Kanal Neun is denying fraud" after today raffled $ 130,000 block of cash.

Jose Huxley of Halekulani, just off Wyong on the main New South Wales coastline, won the giant cash prize after responding to his telephone early Wednesday early in the morning with the slogan "I Wake Up With Today". He was seen in front of the cameras soon after, which was also pointed out by a spectator, Coralie Allan from Gilston in Queensland:

"Or] the winners were selected in anticipation - so the participants were discriminated against from the start and there were no records, although they were remunerated for what the present "scheduled" television team shows. "Judge by Mr. Huxley's response, he didn't know his victory led to the telephone call and said today: "I just awoke, I can't believe it.

" Mister Huxley listened as he said "the cry of my wife" when a cam team walked into his house, and he was seen on the sofa, fully clothed, with his cell in his hand as he spoke to today's host Lisa Wilkinson, Karl Stefanovic, Sylvia Jeffreys, Richard Wilkins and Tim Gilbert. "Wilkinson said, "You don't know that, but we had a team outside your front yard and you're on TV right now," too much joy from the recording session.

Turns out he'd been trying for six week when the call eventually came in at 7:50. "20 mins before the alleged "random" call, the show presenters encouraged the show's audience to call and join as there was allegedly still plenty of free space in the drawing. Mon-Fri until 17.05.19. on the following days.

" On Wednesday mornings Fairfax Media checked the broadcast, 20 min before the call, the period stated in the comment. Wilkinson receives an envelop with the name of the individual who could earn the $130,000 if she answers her telephone properly. There is also general advertising for the Block of Cash Payaway every week around this hour, pushing folks to sign up, but at no point does it say that the calling party for the Block of Cash Payaway this afternoon is in the game.

" Daily Mail Australia released a report on its recent initiative (which had 56 endorsers at the date of this release), in which Channel 9 was asked to "return all funds to participants for the "I wake up with Today" scam". Answering so quickly, within seconds there was a video surveillance system in his home.

The one who let the cameramen in. It all went so smooth, the satelite was synchronized with the telephone, he seemed to be already cinematically educated and knew he had to hop off the sofa, turn around and face the camerawork. "One bystander said: "Disgusting! Disgust with you show today. You took my cash, my listing and thousand of other people just to find out that you obviously already knew who you were calling. Deceptive about me. So let down by this show now!

"We' ve had some imprecise coverage of today's Block of Cash givenaway on today's show. "If it is possible to have a team near the call receiver as a real-time TV broadcast, and if it accepts the call properly, we are able to record the response as quickly as possible.

"Often the general population is not aware of the fact that a ship's personnel are present because the call is not responded to in good time.

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