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Lori Swanson, Attorney General's Office. Obtaining your payday loan approved is the easy part. Temptingly simple, payday loans often snowshoe GALLUP, N.M., December 20 - Count Milford set up an man-made Christmas tree in the Navajo Reserve wood hut near here, which he shared with a boy and daughter-in-law and their two little sisters.

Mr. Milford said he had halted taking out new loans, but many other residents of the Gallup area and innumerable more folks across the country visit payday banks this months, places with reputations like Cash Button, Payday Plus and Fast Dollar to get progress of several hundred dollar to help with public holidays issues.

Whilst such loans are prohibited in 11 states, in New York included, by extortion or other legislation, they are still thriving in 39 other states. In New Mexico, where it has become a controversial policy topic, the practice is uncommonly unbridled and uncontrolled. Center for Responsible Living, a Durham, N.C.-based retail group of consumers, calculates that national payday loans amounted to at least $28 billion in 2005 and doubled in five years.

Loans are fast and easy. Clients are usually obliged to deposit a previous cheque which can be cashed by the creditor on the next payment day, two or four week later. You must provide a salary slip or evidence of your normal salary, such as social security, but there is no solvency assessment that results in some losses but, more often, a further renewal of the loans with recurring charges.

Many states, New Mexico included, also make no efforts by creditors to see if clients have taken out loans elsewhere, so Mr. Milford has been able to take out so many loans at once. When repaying on schedule, borrower charges range from $15 per $100, which in some states can reach up to, in New Mexico, often $20 or more per $100, which is translated into an average interest on a two weeks term credit of 520% or more.

Congress in September, in response to grievances that soldiers were the target of "predatory lenders," set an upper 36 per cent interest rate cap on loans to soldiers' homes. This bill will come into force next October and is likely to stifle payday loans to this group because, say the creditors, the charges they could calculate for a two-week term credit would be insignificant, little more than 10 euro cent a day, said Don Gayhardt, President of the Dollar Financial Corporation, which possesses a nationwide string of creditors named Money Marts.

New legislation will have little effect on the wider practices, as armies will make up only a minute portion of the day-to-day financing defended by creditors as they cover a need for low-income work. Mr Gayhardt said the industries had thrived because more were working in humble pay grade positions in the services sectors, and in a dash they found payday loans less expensive and more comfortable than jumping cheques, making belated payments on debit or cutting off their charges.

Mr. Gayhardt, who is also a director of the Community Financial Services Association of America, a trading group representing about 60 per cent of payday creditors, said the incidence of prolonged flashovers and giant payouts has been inflated by criticism. Said the union backed "fair rules," which included a two-week fee ceiling in the $15 to $17 per $100 region, a limit now required in several states, Florida, Illinois and Minnesota included.

As a result, actual charges of about a buck a head per annum are levied on those who pay back on schedule, which in his opinion was appropriate given the risk and cost of the deal. "Mr. Gayhardt said in a phone call from his Philadelphia head office, "We want to give the clients good treatment so they can come back.

However, higher charges and sad tales are not difficult to find. Daily payers have increased strongly over the past 15 years, most notably here in Gallup, a picturesque but poor city of 22,000 inhabitants from India, Spain and the Whites, with an impressive concentration of retail creditors. There are at least 40 loan businesses, spread among tourist "trading posts", dignified pawnshops and eateries along the Hauptstra├če (old Route 66) and with up to three people in each shopping centre.

"The payday loan just keeps going on to grow, and it keeps draining our fellowship dry," said Ralph Richards, co-owner of Earl's, Gallup's biggest and most bustling eatery. Pointing out how frequent the trouble is, his diner alone gets 10 to 15 phone calls every single payday every week from creditors who are trying to gather late charges from his employees, Mr. Richards said.

He must at some point, under judicial order, cut the salaries of about a tens of his employees to pay back such creditors. According to consumers' spokesmen, the greatest issue, and the greatest resource of profit for creditors, is that too many clients, like Mr Milford, find that they have to "overwrite" the loans by paying the same amount every months until they can raise the initial amount.

Often over several month they can spent far more on charges than they have ever paid in money, and in the end they can borrow from several locations to disburse others. Pat T., a 39-year-old woman with five children who didn't want to put her parents off by naming her full name, said she lent herself 200 dollars last year when she couldn't afford an electricity bill because "it was so easy.

" After six month she had to pay back the $200, and by then she had $510 in charges. This year, New Mexico's regulatory effort to control the sector has stalled. Recruited persuaders to press for soft regulation, speakers of advocacy were divided between those who wanted to practically eliminate industries and others, such as Governor Bill Richardson, who encouraged regulations such as compulsory credit reports, fee restrictions and overdrafts, and an option giving creditors the ability to transform credit into longer-term instalment schemes.

Diane D. Denish, who described payday loans as "withdrawing riches from the low-income community," said she was afraid that the same policy deadlock would reign. Meanwhile, according to Ms Denish and many others, an effort is needed to find ways to find personal solutions to payday debt. As part of an effort that has drawn a lot of interest here, First Financial Credit Union will be offering an alternate payday lending scheme with a $12 per $100 charge and a novel opportunity for clients to begin asset accumulation.

Clients who participate in budgeting courses and accept not to look for loans elsewhere will get 80 per cent of their borrowing charges back and be paid into their own saving accounts, said Ben Heyward, chairman of the cooperative's board. Two-year-old Debbie Tang, a lone parent of two children, took out three $200 loans, with overall charges of $180 per months, when her alimony did not reach her last or last months.

Lacking a background to obtaining a homeowner' s advance, Ms. Tang said she felt she had little option but to go to payday creditors to cover her electricity and natural-gas bills until her care student benefits arrived in January. Just like Mr Milford, Mrs Tang has put up a Christmas Tree, but has no gifts under it.

"We' ll just postpone Christmas for a month," she said. Due to a processing flaw, an Saturday edition item on stores that issue "payday loans" incorrectly identified the site of the Center for Responsible Living, a group of consumers who said that loans in 2005 amounted to a total of at least $28 billion.

It'?s in Durham, N.C., not New Mexico.

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