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Use our credit calculator to determine the amount you can borrow and your repayment schedule. You can use the home loan repayment calculator to help you figure out how much your fortnightly or monthly repayments will be based on how much you plan to borrow. Note: The results of this calculator should only be used as a guide. The results do not constitute offers or pre-qualifications for a loan. You can use this car loan calculator to estimate your monthly payment for a new or used car loan, check the repayment schedule, the chart and the repayment date.

Private credit calculator

Use this calculator to help you train: What can I do to pay back my loan earlier? Loaned amount: Redemption frequency: Duration of the loan: Loaned amount: Redemption frequency: Duration of the loan: Reimbursement is affordable: Duration of the loan: Reimbursement is affordable: Duration of the loan: This only gives you an estimation of the amount and recovery deadlines; the real amount may be higher or lower.

In the case of credits for which your periodic repayments include interest as well as the progressive repayments of the amount taken up, the amount of the loan shall be paid in instalments. An example is given to help you consider the effects of interest rate changes. It shows the effects when interest rate increases by 2% per year. Interest is assumed to be compounded on the same week, fortnight or month base as the redemption rate you choose.

Savings - see how savings for things can be less expensive than getting a loan. Do you get a loan?

Building savings calculator - repayments, payouts, accessibility

Spend less and get specialized help to find the best home loan - FREE. To use a savings calculator? Knowing that you need a loan for your new home is one thing, knowing how long it will take to disburse it, how much interest you are going to charge and what you are actually going to disburse in full is another.

Budget management is vital for home owners, and having an on-line home loan calculator available will help you identify prospective payment opportunities, rate your mortgages choices, and decide which loan is right for you. These estimates will help you make your home loan choices easier and make you a better educated loan taker, but please do not consider the results of this home loan calculator as any kind of offering, credit offering or financial advisory.

Auto loan calculator | Westpac

Approximate amount to be repaid does not reflect any applicable fee or charge. Every computation that you perform with this calculator is only meant as a clues. The information is provided for illustration only and is substantiated by the correctness of the information provided. This calculator does not take into consideration postage tax or other federal taxes.

Costing does not represent a financing proposal by Westpac. When you request a Westpac item, we will let you know what your refunds will be. Loan conditions as well as taxes and duties shall be applicable. There are a number of hypotheses in this car loan calculator. In the case of private credits guaranteed, a car provided as collateral may not be older than 12 years after the loan has expired.

Vehicles used as collateral must be recorded under the name of the claimant.

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