Personal Loan interest

Interest for personal loans

Interest rate for personal loans | St.George Bank Loan eligibility requirements, eligibility requirements, rates and commissions shall apply. It is best to review the General Business Rules before making a decision: Consultation on our website takes place without knowledge of your personal finances. Real interest on the loan is calculated on the basis of the information you give at the moment of your request and our solvency check.

Available interest is between 10.99% p.a. and 19.99% p.a. 4. for new borrowings authorised from 16 March 2015. In order to obtain a lower interest payment, any car provided as collateral may not be older than 12 years after the end of the loan. Vehicles used as collateral must be recorded under the name of the claimant.

In the case where the car is authorised under a common name, the credit request must be made under a common name. * Expiry date for new borrowings authorised on or after 7 June 2017. Interest rates for new borrowings authorised on or after 22 November 2015.

Interest rates for personal loans | BOQ

Australian Credit Licence No 244616 Product issues by the Bank of Queensland Limited ABN 32 009 656 740 (BOQ). Royalties and dues are to be paid. The full Business Rules are available at any Bank of Queensland retail outlet. The website contains general recommendations that have been created without regard to your goals, your finances or your needs.

Before responding, you should check the adequacy of your counsel. Be sure to obtain and take into account the General Business Terms and the Financial Services Guidelines and the Guide to Fee and Charge for the products before making a final purchase or retention of them. A copy of these can be obtained from any Bank of Queensland office or from this website.

Prices are changeable at any moment. Please check with any Bank of Queensland office in Australia or our Customer Service Center for pricing information.

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